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To deploy client capital in a way best suited to meet the client's financial needs and then constantly keep watch over that capital to respond to the opportunities and pitfalls inherent in today's financial markets.

investment philosophy

Arrival Capital’s investment approach is rooted in principles of value investing, behavioral/contrarian analysis, and sound common sense. We seek to meld these principles into an unrelenting search for promising investments while simultaneously seeking to avoid excessive risk of client capital. Indeed, it is adherence to sound principles that allows us to maintain a disciplined approach to investing, never chasing the latest trends or temporary market blips (up or down); instead always looking at the difference in what an investment sells for and what total returns it may generate.

We constantly seek to generate new investment ideas using all financial tools at our disposal, including fundamental analysis, stock screens, and valuation techniques. We look for value in stocks or bonds that may be undiscovered, underappreciated, or simply mispriced by a financial industry that often either jumps to conclusions about particular industries and companies, or completely ignores opportunities that may not offer profit potential to the large financial firms.

With these fundamental principles in mind, Arrival Capital is ready to manage a client’s entire financial portfolio or simply the equity portion. We can focus on generating current income or aim for capital gains. Whatever a client’s goals, our approach will always be to put client capital in positions that make sense and then carefully manage those positions, selling a security when its price has risen to a point where future gains are less likely, or when the fundamentals of an investment situation have changed.

With constant analysis and careful management, Arrival Capital strives to help you to achieve a more secure financial future.