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At Arrival we employ a value-based, opportunistic investment style, both prudent and contrarian.

We don’t chase trends but try to anticipate them. We look for intrinsic value not short-term momentum and build a portfolio from scratch based on a diversified portfolio of our best ideas over a range of industries, company types and types of investments.

We look to see the forest through the trees of the investing world but endeavor to know the trees as well as we can to better spot those opportunities created when short term volatility creates long term opportunity. Because we charge a quarterly fee based on account balances rather than any commissions, you’ll know that we act only in your best interest.

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Value Investing

Contrarian Analysis

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum account size?

Arrival Capital strives to work with investors with varying levels of wealth to
invest and focusses on starting relationships that can build over time as
assets grow and portfolios appreciate. We welcome at an initial level
anything over $100,000 in total investable assets.

What are your fees?

Arrival charges a fixed percentage of average assets under management,
calculated and billed quarterly, with the percentage set at 1% annually. In
this way, Arrival’s interests are aligned with the client’s interests, and Arrival
does not earn any commissions on the investments it makes on behalf of

Is my account secure?

Arrival Capital uses TD Ameritrade Institutional (now merging with Charles
Schwab) as custodian for client accounts. This ensures best in class
account security as well as superb dedicated customer service that only a
large firm like TD or Schwab can offer their institutional clients. Further,
Arrival Capital manages its client accounts through the grant of a limited
trading authorization. Arrival does not commingle client funds nor does it
have authority to transfer cash out of client accounts. The account belongs
to the client only and TD Ameritrade Institutional sends monthly statements
and transaction reports directly to client, augmented by a quarterly report
prepared by Arrival.

Why should I choose Arrival over a big firm?

Arrival builds longstanding relationships with clients and gets to know them
in a way a big firm simply cannot. This allows for individualized planning
and financial management based on what’s going on both in markets and
in client’s lives. Arrival not only knows every client; we also know why
every position is in a client’s portfolio and Arrival Capital is always prepared
to speak with clients about their accounts and address their financial
questions and concerns.

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